Magic for the lazy

Optical illusion ring

This is a magic ring.

Here's a nice American man explaining it.

If you'd like to buy one, and/or see a nice English man explain it...

...the wonderful but expensive Grand Illusions stock it, for a mere three pounds plus delivery and possible VAT.

Many of the things Grand Illusions sells are very hard to find anywhere else, but this ring is not one of those things. I got mine for $AU8.99 delivered from this eBay seller. (Here they are on, instead of

They've got a lot of thumb-tips, too. With one of those and a good supply of chicken giblets, you could set yourself up with a nice little psychic surgery business!

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  1. Boran_blok Says:

    The last youtube clip is one of Randi's greatest moments I have seen so far.

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