Yes. Yes it does.

I have just, by idly clicking through from the Wigu/Overcompensating guy's pictures of his righteously necrotic brown-recluse-spider bite, discovered that there is a Flickr group called "Does this look infected to you?"

That is all.

9 Responses to “Yes. Yes it does.”

  1. Stuart Says:

    What the hell is wrong with people?

    There are these things called bandages that can be used to cover up disgusting necrotic wounds. That should be the first thought, not taking a picture for your damn flickr account. Yuck.

  2. mlipphardt Says:

    Thank you so much for that link. I didn't want to keep my breakfast down anyway!

  3. NickL Says:

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to resist my natural instinct to click on that?!

    It's like when someone goes: "Eww! Smell this!"

  4. stevetecza Says:

    ok, i need to think before clicking while eating lunch.

  5. Itsacon Says:

    He's really proud of that wound. It's now the main picture on Wikipedia's page on Necrosis

  6. Hobie-wan Says:

    Re #3.

    I've noticed that too. When someone (including myself) smells something bad, it usually goes like this:


    "Whew, what's that smell?"


    "That really smells terrible."

    *sniiiiiiiiffff* *sssnnniiiifffff*

    "Holy crap what died in here?"

    "Hey Joe, come smell this!"

    Of course this works for just about anything horrible. = D

  7. pompomtom Says:

    I'm amazed this isn't a regular subcategory on AskMefi...

  8. mlipphardt Says:

    For pities sake, Dan, BLOG SOMETHING ELSE NOW! Have mercy. Bury this one. This is worse than Google Seppuku!

  9. kamikrae-z Says:

    Dan, you need something like the BoingBoing unicorn chaser. In fact I went looking for a LEGO unicorn, but couldn't actually find one. I am amazed! I guess we'll just have to continue having nightmares about necrotic and pus-filled flesh.

    Actually - a twin kitten update/chaser might be nice...

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