Cyberdemon crowd surfing

Why do you need a new CPU?

Well, isn't it obvious?

(See also here and here.)

14 Responses to “Cyberdemon crowd surfing”

  1. Red October Says:

    dammit, now I'm gonna be late for work!
    That is awesome! I wonder how fast his CPU is, and would using OpenGL have made any difference?

  2. FuzzyPlushroom Says:

    Ahh, optimization. Or rather, lack thereof?

  3. Gareth Pye Says:

    I thought doom was upheld as one of the great examples of optimized programming. Sure Carmack didn't optimise it for levels like the one used above, but that was because they weren't needed for the game.

  4. frasera Says:

    that is some crazy level, i wonder what cpu would be necessary to play it smooth!

  5. Garett Smith Says:

    Still the greatest game ever made, I play some old wads we made now and again and I still have my null modem serial cable! Oh for the days of 4 player doom over a MajorBBS.

  6. omgror Says:

    Reminds me of Alien Breed 3D II.

  7. Steven Den Beste Says:

    The CPU was being chewed up by the AI processing. That's why changing the graphics mode didn't matter.

  8. unfunk Says:

    heh... I just tried it on my 3GHz Athlon X2 in Doomsday, and it just died a minute after the monsters woke up :D

  9. Itsacon Says:

    Is the AI multithreading? Otherwise the X2 part doesn't really matter... :-)

  10. unfunk Says:

    I doubt it, but why waste an opportunity to dickwave? :P

  11. corinoco Says:

    I'm trying to work out why you would even bother with invulnerability spheres; it just makes the level eye-wateringly difficult to look at. Why not just use iddgd?

    Freaky. I can still remember cheat keys for Doom. I wish I could remember what my mother said to me when I was young...

  12. Garett Smith Says:

    It was iddqd.. and its cheating. Trying to finish the level with assorted spheres however looks like an actual challenge.

  13. Daniel Rutter Says:

    It'd take Alzheimer's disease to erase idspispopd from my mind. And that one was old-school - it didn't even work in Doom II.

  14. Red October Says:

    I even remember what that means! Hands up all who smiled when the used it in the first novel! (the series went downhill rapidly after the first one, for what it's worth).

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