Nightmare spider, now only $950!

The Phoenix spider-bot I mentioned earlier this year is now available as a (rather expensive) kit!

The kit costs $US949.99 ex shipping, which would be outrageous if all you got were the mechanical parts and R/C gear. But you also get a pre-programmed microcontroller that ties the bot's actions together, allowing you to control it with a wireless PlayStation controller, which is also included.

So it's not a Crabfu-type "robo-puppet", where leg movement is tied directly to stick movement. It's more like a normal radio-controlled walker, but with far more freedom of motion, including a variety of gaits.

And it can still play with boxes.

4 Responses to “Nightmare spider, now only $950!”

  1. trialex Says:

    Nice. A hexapod robot is definately one of those projects that I want to do someday.

    The kit is pricey no doubt, but the "brains" already on the microcontroller is worth a lot. There is no way I could do the required inverse kinematics.

    If you are just looking for a hardware kit, there is this MSR-H01 Hexapod Robot Kit, but of course you need to add your own servos and brain.

    One day!

  2. Anthony Hersey Says:

    Well, I know what I want for x-mas now.

  3. TwoHedWlf Says:

    Woah...I want one...No, TWO! And...Wait...No, I don't want any! They'll start killing people and reproducing! They're Replicators!

  4. Erik T Says:

    I really, really need to put a cat near one of those.

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