Is your plush uterus accessible to young children?

Hazardous uterus.

If it is, you should probably send it back to the manufacturer.


8 Responses to “Is your plush uterus accessible to young children?”

  1. Jono4174 Says:

    Get your nanny-state out of my uterus!

  2. Coderer Says:

    Isn't that unfairly gyno-centric? I don't see a stuffed phallus (though there are probably other websites happy to oblige)

  3. FuzzyPlushroom Says:

    It looks lonely! Let's buy some giant fuzzy STDs for it.

  4. phrantic Says:

    Coderer: More accurately, it's be stuffed testes that would properly represent the male equivalent. Wouldn't it?

  5. frasera Says:

    fuzzy organs? lol, we need some plush balls now;)

  6. Major Malfunction Says:

    I think I've seen it all and can die happy now.

  7. DBT Says:

    I think we have close to the full set of ThinkGeek plush pathogens. I suspect these new toys would be susceptible to multiple infections in our house.

  8. Major Malfunction Says:

    Plush pathogens?

    Perhaps I can Google... Just... one last... If only I... had pressed Enter... Instead of cli...


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