But what if it gets sunburn?

Presented as received, emphasis theirs:

From: "rachel" <rachel@infronts.com>>
To: <dan@dansdata.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 01:39:08 +0800

Dear Dan,

Have a nice day£¡

I am happy to present hot selling items for you reference. A lot of clients are interesting in this item, so I try to send them for your reference. Hope it is helpful for you!

Here is our Solar USB Dick for your reference,hope you are interexted in.

Feature:Animation Display
Operating sysrem:Windows 98/SE, Windows ME, 2000 XP and Mac OS9.1
Drivers: Only Windows 98/SE need the driver

Logo is made by Pc software and displayed on LCD screen, when there is light logo blink thus to attract people's attention.

[blah blah blah, picture of USB thumb-drives with a solar-powered capacity-display thing on the side]

Pirce: FOB shenzhen

128MB USD3.15
256MB USD3.45
512MB USD3.75
1GB USD4.25
2GB USD4.65
4GB USD7.60

MOQ:500pcs , More qty will be more cheaper.
Product material: Plastic Housing
Product size: 62*25*13mm
Packing: each in a color box,100pcs/48*36*29cm; G.W./N.W.:12.5*11.7

This offer is firm for 1 week.
Please add USD0.30 for ROHS.
Printing logo: logo set up charge: USD100.00/design.
Sample delivery time is 3-5 day after order confirm.
Delivery time: 7-10 day after sample approval.

Should any of the items be of interest to you, please let us know. We shall be glad to give you our lowest quotations upon receipt of your detailed requirement.

IFS electronice company limited


Solar dick!

Yep, that's an electronice solar dick all right.

(I bet they'll print whatever famous computer-product-company logo you like on your 500 solar dicks.)

5 Responses to “But what if it gets sunburn?”

  1. tantryl Says:

    The toxic raw materials and waste created when making a Solar USB Dick is unacceptable.

    I only buy Geothermal USB Dicks. They like it when it's warm and dark.

  2. FuzzyPlushroom Says:

    @tantryl: ZING!

    I was really hoping these drives looked a bit more phallic. Disappointing, really.

  3. Chazzozz Says:

    Hmmm...it doesn't mention Linux support. I want to know if I can run my Solar USB Dick 'headless'.

  4. Stuart Says:

    Screw that eco-friendly crap. I want a nuclear dick!

  5. Alex Whiteside Says:

    I don't think it's actually a capacity meter. From the text it seems it's just a combination of a USB drive and the "solar keychains" you see in gift shops or as promotional gifts. They sandwich a translucent company logo somewhere between the LCD reflector and outside of the device, and just use the solar panel power to blink the whole LCD panel on and off as one element. It's a piece of crap, technically, but like the Esquire e-ink cover does a decent job of making it look like the image is lighting up (rather than being periodically masked).

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