The quarter-size violins of the electronic-instrument world

Everybody who found the SX-150 demo from that post to be agonising listening: The first of these videos is safe for you. The second is not.

This track's held together by the DS-10, of course, which is a proper little music production environment. Both the Stylophone and the SX-150 are sweetened up by a lot of reverb, as well.

But just the same - this is actual music, using the actual particular capabilities of these funny little synths. The SX-150 has My First Analogue Synth tweakability, and the Stylophone lets you do effortless "keyboard" glissandos, including only the "white notes" or - with some more dexterity - the whole chromatic scale.

Play these instruments "dry", though, and you get something more like this:

Still an actual tune, but not exactly easy listening.

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  1. corinoco Says:

    My goodness that first track is awesome!
    Listening now, haven't got to the second one yet.
    oh I do love analogue synths, which is why I have 3 theremins....
    My wife's ears picked up and she commentes that is sounds a bit Pet Shop Boys. Sort of.

    Yeah the second is a bit raw, but it does have something to it. Very Clan Analogue - I've seen their large 'thing made of many analogue circuits' a couple of times. Are they still around?

    And... someone in DanLand might still have the booklet from Tandy's 150-in-1 kit from oh, maybe 1979? There was a circuit in that I am pretty sure was a theremin of sorts, but I can't find a copy to confirm what kind of circuit it was.

  2. corinoco Says:

    Oh, my, there goes my bank account again - the local EBGames has the Korg-DS10 in stock. ZOMG!

  3. bmorey Says:

    The first track: not my style but clever all the same. Has actual musicality. And skill.

    The second: I've been to Hindu weddings that are more musical than this, and that's saying something.

  4. Alan Says:

    When it comes to circuits, the old Aussie mag "electronics today international" (eti) published one back in the 70's.
    The mag is long gone- all I can remember is, the circuit design filled a page (about A4 size).

    Oh, and it may have had a series of pads, to simulate a keyboard layout.

  5. Red October Says:

    Ah, the first track is awesome! Makes me want to drive around Miami in a butter-yellow Cadillac Sedan DeVille. Time to investigate DS-10...

  6. kamikrae-z Says:

    While looking through the multitude of Stylophone videos I came across these gems from Brett Domino:

    [Oh yeah, these deserve embedding. Take that, Oberheim! -Dan]

    [A lot of people don't know that. See also the Stylophone Orchestra of Great Britain. -Dan]

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