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Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 08:44:53 -0700 (PDT)

[Quoted from my first magnet review:]
The earth's natural magnetic field is about 0.5G, depending on where you are - it's weaker at the equator and stronger at the poles. It's also slowly declining at the moment, which is something that it does periodically; geological evidence shows that it's actually reversed several times over the planet's life. The mental giants at the Institute for Creation Research use the decline of the field strength to prove that the planet's only a few thousand years old.
In case you're wondering, this, like various other of their proofs, doesn't stand up too well.

;;;perhaps if you had listened to the explaination instead of hiding behind your evolution, the science of it would have made sense to you. Dr. Carl Baugh or Ken Hovind [Links mine! All spelling Ron's!] do a good job of explaining the science of it and other things the so called 'mental giants' of evolution ignore or deny out of hand. sorry to see your science falls short of what true science is suppose to be.

otherwise, your site is informative for the little i have read of it... between your evolution and earth magnetics belief, i am surprised you dont believe in perpetual motion, too.

I think there's something in that for all of us, don't you?

(Just in case some other green-ink-and-underlining correspondent is all het up about me linking to searches of and in the above quote, here's what the homosexual Satanists of Wikipedia have to say about Carl and Kent. {Apparently his friends call him Ken. Who knew?})

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  1. TwoHedWlf Says:


  2. Ziggyinc Says:

    Dan, I don't remember what movie this quote was from but I have always remembered it: "God comes down and tells us to be nice to each other and we spend the last 2000 years killing each other on how he said it." Creationism pseudoscience seems just another facet of that statement.

  3. dr_w00t Says:

    I draw your attention once again to my proposed fifth fundamental force of nature.

    I postulate there exists a strong loony force, whereby all loonies in the universe are attracted to your blog/site. This phenomenon is readily observable at the macroscopic level.

  4. abfarrer Says:

    @ Ziggyinc, with slightly different wording, I'm thinking your quote maybe came from Dogma, Bartleby and Loki in the parking garage comes to mind, but I wouldn't swear to it.

  5. Ziggyinc Says:

    @abfarrer you might be correct, I was paraphrasing what I remembered.

  6. Chazzozz Says:

    Awww, Dan, why'd you have to go and link to the 'green-ink' reference? As a fountain pen aficionado I've got a large (and growing!) selections of inks, and among my favourite colours are one or two greens. I'll never be able to use them again! >:-/

  7. Stuart Says:

    I love the fact that there are even creationists that discount their theories as bunk. You know you're in trouble when even the people on the same team as you don't want to play with you.

  8. davolfman Says:

    I think alot of it is a result of people going one-track after the Scopes trial. Things were looking like creation via Evolution might become viable mainstream christian theology but a small town had to to stage a publicity stunt and we've been stuck with idiots controlling western religion ever since.

  9. A_Fan_Of_Dan Says:

    If you're going to take on a skeptic of the first order like Dan Rutter, you better haul out the big guns, Ron. If the Creationist-Evolutionist battle could be translated into an RTS video game, the evolutionist camp would be protected by a highly sophisticated defense system capable of adapting to change by incorporating carefully researched and designed components. When and if it is clear the old stuff no longer makes sense, the Theory Field Generator can be adjusted to take into account new information.
    The creationist camp would also be well-protected by a nearly impenetrable Faith Shrine that feeds off the desperate emotions of its worshippers. The fanatical bible-banging bombardiers would hurl hellfire and articles of faith at the stalwart evolutionists only to be turned back by the Appeals Cannon, which reliably obliterates every attempt to rewrite the Constitution and educational tomes in our school system.
    It would feature special units committed to their respective cause, such as a Richard Dawkins Natural Selection Gunship and a Pat Robertson Irreducible Complexity Catapult.
    Ronny, it’s possible that the big, imaginary guy smiling down upon you as you dream of 99.9% of humanity roasting in Hell for failing to pass St. Peter’s subjective entrance exam dismisses the fact that your side ignores the scientific method in defending Creationism while you attempt to use data obtained through the scientific method to support a poorly understood creation myth assembled many years ago by power-hungry church committees and Hebrew savages. However, until a mentally handicapped deity and his illegitimate son descend from the sky and start separating especially obedient WASPs and Catholics from the bulk of humanity in preparation for The Rapture, I think it’s probably safe to say god wants his defenders to sound as homicidal, hypocritical, illogical, vain, dim, and self-contradictory as he does. So let’s cut Ron a little slack. He’s just a blind, obedient messenger of god who unwittingly got his butt handed to him in enemy territory. The mythological Children of Israel did that sort of thing all the time, and look where it has got their alleged descendants in the realm of international Middle East politics. Is that a bomb in your pants or are you just happy to see a crowded disco?

    Faithfully yours,
    David Jenks

  10. dazzawul Says:

    I think he's got a little green 'ink' of his own...

    Seriously though, how hard is it to get your head around the concept of evolution?
    Do their eyes just glaze over as they say "the earth is 10000 years old, the earth is 10000 years old" to themselves instead of absorbing some knowledge for a change?


  11. TwoHedWlf Says:

    Yeah, they pretty much do, Dazzawul. How can you convince someone they're wrong when they have hard evidence given to them by an all knowing, all powerful being? It's like if you were arguing with someone about what 9X9 is when you have a times table that disagrees with what they're saying it is.

  12. Stark Says:

    No Dazzawul, they glaze over as they say the Earth is 6,000 years old. 10,000 years is plainly crazy talk - might as well be an Evil-lutionist if you say the Earth is 10k years old!

    And while old Kent's a bag full o' nuts he's got nothing on Ray "the banana proves design" Comfort. That man is truly a certifiably Grade A Nutter.

  13. corinoco Says:

    Blasphemers, the lot of you.

    Brian is the Messiah.

  14. RichVR Says:

    No. Stark is a messiah. But we can not rule out Dan as well. Depending upon the variables in the equation and different values of messiah.

    B=beard and Dan has none as far as the last pictures shown. There is no way of knowing that Stark has a beard so the equation needs more work. OTOH I have a heavy beard.

    So let that =Hb but I know I am not the messiah so Hb is not equal to messiah.

    Thus Dan = messiah assuming that Hb proves absence of messiah, unless or until Stark shows beard or not beard.

    In fact, Stark may or not exist on the quantum level depending if he posts a beard.

    Or his cat dies.

    Or something.

  15. Stark Says:

    I'm not the Messiah. I'm a very naughty boy.

    Plus, my cat died a little over month ago (she lived a good long life) and yes, like all right minded quantumly verifiable entities I sport a rather nice growth of beard.

    Dan however, sports long hair, several cats, enough bird seed to enlist his own feathered army of doom and a keen wit suitable for making small children cry. Therefore, I propose that Dan is in fact the Anti-Messiah. Either that or someone whom I'd much enjoy having a pint with down the pub. Either way.

    Also, oddly enough, my mental image of Rich has always included a beard. I'm beginning to think that perhaps Rich and I are in fact be the same person living a double life... sort of like Christian Slater in that horrible but thankfully short lived show "My Own Worst Enemy" only with better acting (and no Christian Slater... but the better acting gives that part away).

    (Rich and I are, in fact, not the same person.... unless of course, we are - only the Biggs-Neutroson knows for sure and he ain't talkin'.)

  16. jkositarut Says:

    One wonders why there are no references to dinosaurs in any of the holy books...

  17. Stark Says:

    Wellllll.. the standard caveat there is that modern man calls them dinosaurs but biblical times man called them behemoth and leviathan. See Job 40:15, 41:1 and Isaiah 27:1 and IRC a couple of spots in Psalms for examples - assuming of course you have nothing better to do. Like, for instance, staring at your belly button. Of course, a critical eye reading these passages tends to see accounts of giant squid, whales, elephants, and other common large animals.... but they work as excuses for the faithful since they are, as usual for the bible, left rather vague in description.

    An yeah, I am an atheist, and yeah, I can quote scripture though I usually don't (preferring instead to quote something of substance like Monty Python or Douglas Adams). I wasn't always an atheist - religion made me one. ;)

  18. RichVR Says:

    Hey, Stark. Sorry about your loss. Didn't mean to be crass about your cat. Didn't know man.

  19. Stark Says:

    No prob Rich, life happens! 'Sides, 'twas funny and helped to prove my existence on the quantum scale!

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