Nine 0.455-inch guns

Lego Yamato

Behold: Jumpei Mitsui's minifig-scale Yamato (via).

Six years in the making, 6.6 metres long, 150 kilos. (It's only a "waterline" model, of course; it'd weigh even more if it had the whole keel.)

You know, at this scale - about 1:39.8 - a Star Destroyer (a normal one, not some special-order version) would only be about 40.2 metres long (132 feet).

I'm just sayin'.

5 Responses to “Nine 0.455-inch guns”

  1. davolfman Says:

    What? No wave motion gun?

  2. Stark Says:

    Good lord. My son just turned 4 this past weekend... and it was Lego bonanza. Alas, no Star Destroyer was in the mix... but he did get these : 7631 , 7991 , 7736 , 7737 , 7738 , and 7739 .

    It's been a fun weekend! :)

    Now, to convince my wife to let me rent out a large warehouse and spend the next decade with my son building a minifig scale Death Star....

  3. Tim Says:

    Anyone wanna go in on a LEGO Task Force 58 to go with it?

  4. huge Says:

    i had one of those when i was a kid.

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