The ATO is mother, the ATO is father

If you go the Australian Taxation Office's security-certificate-renewal page, and choose not to trust their own certificate, they send you to this page:

Trust the ATO!

I chose not to trust 'em quite a while ago, actually. I suppose it was inevitable that they'd cotton on eventually.

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4 Responses to “The ATO is mother, the ATO is father”

  1. kamikrae-z Says:

    I bet if you highlight the white space between the lines there's a hidden line that says "We have now begun monitoring all of your communication channels".

    Time to pull out the tinfoil hat.

  2. dazzawul Says:

    Ok, Ok.

    You got me, that was pretty funny.

    Now I wonder if you've gotten yourself flagged for not trusting them..?

  3. corinoco Says:

    the scariest thing to hear from an ATO flunkey, droid, jobsworth, first-aginst-wall when revolution-comes, officer:

    "Your papers are not in order!"

    Cherman exent öptional.

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