Just your everyday Klötzchenbeförderer

Via TechnicBricks, yet again:

This magnificent contraption is not new - the clip's from 2007, and Make noticed it in early 2008. But I think you'll agree that its creator, "superbird28", could do with some more publicity.

If you'd prefer a more compact version:

This reminded me of another Make find, just the other day:

This is a system used in real factories, to reduce the machinery needed to handle different goods, or the same goods at different stages in the manufacturing process. Note that the cylinders and the cubes don't mix.

4 Responses to “Just your everyday Klötzchenbeförderer”

  1. Ice8205 Says:

    Why does this bring to mind an unmarried male, living in a solitary apartment, coming home from post office job....

  2. Shadowex3 Says:

    My god, somebody made the Blue Ball Machine in real life...

  3. Joseph Says:

    That last one is almost hypnotic.

  4. Gizmo Says:

    Rube Goldberg's production team at work!

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