Look upon my Lego gearbox, ye mighty, and despair!

OK, so you've got your Lego automatic transmissions, and they're pretty awesome. And there are a number of Lego continuously-variable transmissions, some of elegantly simple design, and those are impressive too.

And then somebody comes along and makes a seven-speed-plus-reverse sequential Lego gearbox, and puts it in a fully remote-controlled Lego Veyron.

With, of course, working steering, engine pistons, disc brakes...

Oh, and it's the targa-top version of the Veyron too, just to pack another darn mechanism in there.

Like someone whose unsettling dreams about becoming the world's greatest badass have been dissipated by an encounter with Raven, all of the rest of us are now under no pressure at all for high achievement in Lego engineering.

(The gearbox is only an expanded and improved version of the 8448 gearbox, mind you, so clearly this is not really that much of a big deal. Also, I think you'll find that Mount Rushmore isn't actually a very large mountain.)

5 Responses to “Look upon my Lego gearbox, ye mighty, and despair!”

  1. evilspoons Says:

    That is simply fantastic. Wow.

  2. TwoHedWlf Says:

    Dear Dan: Please stop posting videos of people building these kinds of things with legos. You're ruining my delusions of adequacy.



  3. AdamW Says:

    Contrary to what TwoHedWlf said, please continue: you are validating my choice never to start doing interesting engineering projects because I will clearly never be as good as these people...

  4. LucusLoC Says:

    I would like to offer a middle ground between twohedwlf and adamw

    please post these with a detail analysis of how it was accomplished so i can actually feel like pretend like i learned something while screwing around on the net.

  5. miahi Says:

    How about a Lego printer? (although not with Lego-only parts)

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