Gimme ten grand, for some reason!

A new high point in PayPal-money-request audacity:

Audacious PayPal invoice

What, you might wonder, does "Login and Learn" have to say for themselves in the money-request message?

Note from merchant:
Please make payment in full. All sevices will continue once payment is made. A dynamic new innovation for helping thhe less fortunate.

This guy tried a strange sort of attenuated advance-fee-fraud bait; "Login and Learn" appears to have a similar strange strategy, but based around... a bogus educational charity, I guess?

I wonder if I'll ever get one of these weird requests for an even larger sum than this.

(Now you jokers'll all be sending me trillion-dollar invoices, won't you?)

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5 Responses to “Gimme ten grand, for some reason!”

  1. dr_w00t Says:

    I read it as "Login and Learn"... what you're paying for. After receipt of USD$10,000, you receive your login details to find out what your 10 g's bought you!

    The "less fortunate", clearly, is them - hey if you can shoot 10k to persons unknown for reasons unknown then you are indeed probably more fortunate than them.

  2. TwoHedWlf Says:

    That's really not a very intelligent way to go about it. People are going to take notice of a $10,000 invoice. Now one for say $9.95 labeled as an annual subscription renewal I bet the odds are FAR higher that someone might look at it and think, "Huh, don't know what that is, oh well better pay it."

    I bet someone somewhere has done a study of how frequently people will pay an unrecognized bill vs the dollar value of the bill.

  3. Steven Den Beste Says:

    "A dynamic new innovation for helping thhe less fortunate."

    You, a rich Australian, give me, a poor Nigerian, a lot of money! Isn't that a great idea? Innovative?

  4. Stark Says:

    I'm now sending you an invoice for the GDP of the entire world... only problem is you can't fit that many zeros into the damned box!

  5. Jonadab Says:

    Why stop at a mere trillion? We're going to ask you to pay off the national debts of all the world's governments. Muwahahahahahahaha!

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