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To: yourorder@fi.org
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Subject: fi
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 07:10:41 +1200

You are receiving this mail in regards of the freemason confraternity of the
whole wide world (FCWWW).

You are moving well in what you are doing but in order to make it easier for
you, we have concluded for you to be a part of us as a member to sign your
life to us and have any thing you need.

Be it any thing in the whole wide world.

You can't refuse us now for it's too late.

Get back to us now for your Illuminati membership Order and also for you to
know more about the ancient ILLUMINATI FORUM and also the Orientation and
goals that we pursue.

Get back to acquire your goal now.

I would appear to not be the only person who is moving well, et cetera. The Freemason Confraternity of the Whole Wide World also seem to be offering a better deal than the LaRouche people.

(Yes, the local LaRouchies continue to e-mail me periodically, unconcerned by their continuing terrible prophetic record, and not inclined to admit any errors.)

Fi.org is registered to someone in Denmark, and rather appropriately www.fi.org currently redirects to shady.dk. But that's just a parked domain now; it looked something like this in 2007. The Internet Archive have numerous copies of fi.org going back as far as 1998, but they all seem to be parked-domain redirectors too.

(I suppose archive.org just didn't know the secret handshake.)

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