Like being a rather small superhero

My friend Mark has an R/C quadcopter, with a First-Person View rig on it.

He came down from Queensland to visit us, and some other people, the other week.

And recorded some video, including some flying off Echo Point near where I live. Though with entirely too little buzzing of trees and tourists, or seeing how low he could go before the edge of the cliff tested the effectiveness of the copter's lost-signal configuration.

I am not in the Echo Point footage, because I was not there, because I am an idiot.

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  1. Slatye Says:

    I hate saying stuff like this, but Mark might want to have a look at the MAAA regulations regarding FPV flight (MOP 066). I only mention it because of this email that came round a few days ago...

    "Dear Secretaries,

    CASA has contacted MAAA to forewarn that they intend to prosecute a number of members of the public who have been found to be operating FPVs outside the CASA Regulations.

    CASA will also embark on an education program regarding the operation of FPVs, aimed at the public. This may include a request for MAAA assistance, given our support after the incident in Perth with a park flyer a couple of years ago.

    You may wish to pass this information down to your clubs.


    Kevin Dodd
    MAAA Secretary"

  2. Mark Says:

    Hi Slatye - I actually saw a reference to, and read this document the other day (after getting back from my trip, funnily enough).

    The thing is, it's unclear exactly what it's trying to say, regulation-wise.

    While it's pointing out several common sense things, it does not state what the actual legal rules are, only what the MAAA guidelines are.

    At least, that's how I read it. Feel free to point out if I'm wrong :)

    I always conduct pre-flight checks. And before flying at Katoomba, around people, and off a cliff, you can be sure I conducted exceptionally rigorous pre-flight checks! My first couple of flights there were over trees only too.

    I realise it's only a matter of time until some idiot crashes into a busload of orphans or nuns, or actually does something deliberately malicious with a model aircraft. Then I'm sure the fun will be spoiled for all.

    In the meantime, I hope to keep enjoying myself as much as possible, in a responsible way, before our lovely nanny state curtails my fun.

  3. Ben Says:

    Something that may also be of relevance for this is Advisory Circular 101-3 - "Unmanned aircraft and rockets - Model Aircraft". Link is

    I think the bit where CASA is going to get a bit upset is 7.2.1.f which basically says stay at least 30m away from "persons, vessels, vehicles or structures." The number of people who are overflying strangers or doing things in heavily built up areas is what I would expect CASA will target.

    On a side note, enquiring minds want to know details about the equipment. What model/type of model? What FPV gear? "Where does he get those wonderful toys?" (Batman, 1989)

  4. Moransrock Says:

    It was a suprise to hear Clees Pearce's group on the soundtrack, a good choice though! Could you make a profession of doing aerials of people's properties for them?

  5. Mark Says:

    Yeah I am trawling through the CASA documentation now. I think to stay on their good side I will keep more clear of people in general. I normally do, but Echo Point was just too tempting ;)

    All the gear info is on the youtube page itself, if you click through to it.

    Re: the music - I love both those bands. I had the pleasure of seeing Coolangubra once at Woodford... they are an exceptionally talented bunch of people... and that track was just perfect.

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