If Erno Rubik built a clock

The Time Twister, to the best of my knowledge unrelated to a certain drinking establishment promoted by Cheech Marin, is a digital clock made out of Lego.

That is all.

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  1. kai Says:

    Hehe, that was a great movie. I remember someone telling me at the time it came out that it was one of the best vampire movies they'd seen. I rented it from the video store and sat down to watch it. Half way through the movie I was asking myself if I'd rented the wrong movie. Vampires? What vampires?
    Oh, _those_ vampires. I see.

  2. Fallingwater Says:

    Stating the obvious here, but the motor that runs the black/white dots has GOT to go. As it is I couldn't stay in the same room with this thing for more than five minutes before I snapped and pounded it to pieces.

  3. StarChaser_Tyger Says:

    Holy crap, I want one of those. The buzzy motor would drive me nuts, but it's SO cool...

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