Death By Pinkness

The MechWarrior Online people have done something new with the latest "Hero" 'Mech, the "Heavy Metal".

Heavy Metal hero 'Mech

It's a ninety-ton Highlander, the heaviest jump-capable 'Mech in the game, and it's also the only model of Highlander in the game thus far. Every previous Hero 'Mech has been a variant of some other chassis already in the game, but regular Highlanders won't arrive until the 16th of this month. So if you want a Highlander early, you have to buy the Heavy Metal. Numerous people have; last night I saw at least one in almost every game that, you know, started, after the patch gave the servers some personality defects.

(I recommend you minimise your exposure to the comments in that thread, because the MechWarrior Online forums are trying very hard to win the MOBA Trophy for people complaining about problems with a game which they plainly hate but for some reason continue to play. If you absolutely must stare at a MWO forum car-crash, I recommend this one, where a guy complains about the game forcing him to play against people of similar skill so he can't just keep easily murdering newbies. According to him, this is is SOCIALIST, capitals his.)

And yes, the Heavy Metal is PIIIIIIINK, because it's a copy of the signature 'Mech of one Rhonda Snord from the fluff. You won't have to suffer through the pink forever if you buy it, though, because repainting hero 'Mechs is promised to be possible Real Soon Now. (I think they'll keep their paint patterns, but you'll be able to change the colours.)

True to Rhonda's version, the Heavy Metal has speakers on the outside, but all they do is play a snippet of guitar music...

...whenever you kill someone.

(There are only two snippets, one rockabilly-ish and one more on the Wyld-Stallyns-ish side.)

The chief problem with the Heavy Metal is its price. Hero 'Mechs can only be bought for "Mech Credits", and you can only get Mech Credits by paying real money. The Heavy Metal costs 6750 MC, more than any other 'Mech in the game. That adds up to about $US25, depending on how good a deal you got whn you bought your MC.

The only Hero 'Mech I've ever bought was a Yen-Lo-WAAAAAAANG when they were half-price. The Wang's not really very useful; Hero 'Mechs usually aren't the best version of a given chassis, to at least slightly reduce the clamour of forum complaints about pay-to-win. But the Heavy Metal gives you quite a powerful platform for the money.

Here, for instance, is a Heavy Metal with lots of close-to-medium-range punch, retaining four of its maximum five jump jets and with lots of heat sinks for its three Large Lasers. It becomes almost harmless if the laser arm is shot off, but apart from that it has no major weaknesses.

Here's a gauss build, with a bigger engine but no jump jets. Here's a sniper that isn't too horrifyingly slow. And here's an Artemis LRM monster, with three medium lasers as backup. All of these should let you listen to that guitar music more often than you probably really want to.

I won't be buying a Heavy Metal unless a bunch of donaters order me to. But its alarming price does give you an interesting imaginary Internet robot to play with.

5 Responses to “Death By Pinkness”

  1. RobL Says:

    Far be it for me to say "Your giant robot sucks"© :-) but can you seriously recommend the gentle patter of LRMs or streaks and the hilarious awefulness of mgs in the current uberecm and nerfed damage game state?

    Your close range build could run 2xSrm6s to discourage lights and facehuggers and a 325 engine if you drop the mgs and add Endo.

    Twin ac/5s on the sniper is also *ahem* a bold choice.

    MWO Subreddit is a nicer place than the forums, mostly.

  2. dan Says:

    I just chuck MGs on when I have spare space :-).

    I also eschew SRMs because with AU ping I can't friggin' hit anybody with 'em. Fair enough if you, you know, CAN.

    • RobL Says:

      I can only forgive fitment of MGs for their comedy value. I had an amusingly long conversation with an enemy 4mg Spider while we were both sitting on a cap point and he blasted me for a full minute while I scolded him over allchat. In the end he cheated with an MLas he'd been hiding somewhere and the retaliatory volly of 4ML + 2xSRM4 took his head off, lols all round.

      I have only eurospec lag to contend with but I somewhat feel your pain, laser HSR has been a blessing and looking forward to ballistic HSR soon.

      Amongst the congealing toxic waste of the mwo forums I found moderate entertainment in debate about why 100tonne mechs are fine but 135, 150 and 200 tonne mechs are silly/op/up/noncannon/cannon etc.

      I for one want a five gauss Omegamech!

      • dan Says:

        AC lag is... profound. I only a little while ago discovered that AC/2s really are supposed to shoot twice a second, but they and every other projectile weapon (including PPCs, but NOT machine guns, which actually work like lasers) actually shoot once per recycle-time-PLUS-PING, which makes the fast-firing ones VERY hard to use for high-ping people. (I have levelled mechs with four AC/2s. It was not pleasant.)

        And MGs do actually do a little bit, but they don't damage every kind of stuff inside a 'Mech, so even when you're blazing away with six of them at an un-armoured location, the effect is hardly immediate. They are about a quarter as effective as they should be.

        (Then again, I suppose on balance it's good that we can't minmax tabletop-style and make a fast jumpjet hundred-tonner with monstrous armour front and back and nothing but 27,836 MGs as armament, so we're harmless at 91 metres and instant death at 90.)

  3. jaranath Says:

    Since you seduced me into this game, I have spent roughly $120 on MC, am contemplating another $100, and just shelled out a further $100 for a (hopefully) quality wireless gaming mouse to replace my failing current model, primarily because it has macro ability and a couple extra buttons I think might prove helpful in-game. And NOW you're suggesting I should donate money? To YOU?!?

    Ok. :)

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