Something is amiss

Crimson! Horrifying!

Quite a good episode of Doctor Who, this time. That's unsettling.

Diana Rigg making sure no piece of scenery lacks her tooth-marks and being beastly to her real-life daughter, while someone else gets to wear one of Diana's outfits from 1966. Strax pushing the rating back down to PG by continuing to not quite manage to kill anybody at all. Throwaway moments of comedy weirdness, one of which involves a street urchin. And at no point is evil thwarted by the Power of Love.

There are some minor concerns, like "how's she paying for all this?", and "shouldn't they all have just been burned to ashes?". But nothing too terrible.

Seven out of ten.

4 Responses to “Something is amiss”

  1. caerphoto Says:

    Diana Rigg is also doing rather well as Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones, too. I wonder where she'll pop up next.

    I did wonder about the "why haven't they been burned to a crisp" thing, too. I'm not really a big Who watcher, but it's certainly entertaining and fun :)

  2. walter Says:

    I _thought_ it might be her daughter! Something about the hair and the voice. And I didn't even know she had a daughter. Or was still acting, to be honest.

    It's a very weak season so far. I'm enjoying the whole thing on a scene by scene basis, but the plots have been...odd.

    • michal.dvorak Says:

      It has been weaker, hasn't it? I can't put my finger on the why, though. The details are still good, it's just that somehow they don't quite work together.

  3. c.j. kerr Says:

    IMO, it's pretty simple - recent Who episodes have tended to rely on The Doctor being lucky, or having someone else sort out his problems.

    In "The Bells of Saint John" he got to do a little bit of being clever, and that was nice, but the rest of this half-season has been luck and screwdriver-waving.

    "The Doctor is great because he makes people do great things" has been a recurring theme since at least Season 4, but it's starting to get out of hand...he hardly ever gets to do anything himself these days.

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