Name my blog!

At last I have taken the mighty leap into the late '90s, and added my own tiny rectangle to the blogofractal.

If you add the man who came up with the term "weblog" to the man who shortened the word to "blog" and divide by two, then you get something that looks quite like me.

So, clearly, my own idle words of timeless wisdom, and of course the insightful commentary of my faithful readers, will similarly revolutionise the weblog, uh, paradigm.

I'll still be doing Dan's Data, of course; the reviews and endless bloomin' letters columns will continue. This blog's for... everything else.

First order of business: This blog needs a name (and a tagline).

I've never been very good at names. I came up with "Dan's Data", in 1998, because Blue's News seemed to have been doing quite well. That's about as far as my own naming talent goes.

So I invite you all, friends, strangers and spambots, to make your name (and/or tagline) suggestions in the comments.

[UPDATE: My brillant Spaminator config just terminated the first few comments, probably because they contained the letter "i" or something. I've set it back to defaults. E-mail me if your valid comments keep being flagged as spam, especially if you have a deep and intimate understanding of WordPress and can put me on the fast track to Getting It Right. I hate overactive comment spam blockers (hello, Joe!), and I'm determined to make sure that jive don't happen here. Well, not often, anyway.]

51 Responses to “Name my blog!”

  1. James Says:

    How about this:

    Fire, gadgets,
    Kittens, and magnets.

  2. TheMatt Says:

    Be like Borat:

    Dan: Truthful Learnings of Gadgets for Make Benefit Glorious Education of Internets

  3. lowlight Says:

    Good luck with the blog! I look forward to reading it regularly.

    A good spam blocker already comes with WordPress (Akismet). It uses a centralized server, so it is always up to date with the latest spam techniques to look for. You just need to get a WordPress Key to enable it.

    One disadvantage may be that is their server ever goes down, spam won't be blocked. But I haven't heard of that happening.

    So far Akismet has blocked over 1000 spam comments on my blog, with no reports of false positives.

    Another good one is Spam Karma 2, which I used before Akismet. I haven't had problems with that one either, and it is highly configurable in case you do ever have problems.

    I'm surprized you're using Blogsome to host your blog, instead of your own server... I have already had a couple problems with timeouts in the 5 minutes I've been on your blog (creating an account, etc).

  4. com2kid Says:

    Hmm, I suck at naming things too. My blog is called Peace For All. That is the name I used to give to my Kingdomes in Falcon's Eye (old BBS game) and other such varients, mostly because nobody would ever bother wasting money sending spies to a country called Peace For All so I could build up a huge army without others knowing.

    Oddly enough the tactic worked now and then. :)

    Wow Blogsome has the world's easiest to break captcha. Oh why didn't you go with Though they do limit more heavily what you can and cannot do, hmm.

  5. lummox Says:

    Since Dan's Data will still exist, logically this blog should be a place for everything that isn't data. "Dan's Lack of Data", maybe? Or "Dan's Metadata"?

    Well, I guess I suck at naming things as well. I've been thinking about it for a good five minutes and the only name I came up with that sounds even remotely cool is "Rutter's Paradise". You know, like Gangsta's Paradise, only... not. I'll shut up now.

  6. Hotdog Says:

    How about:
    "Dan's Summary of the Universe"
    "What Matters"
    "Matters That Don't"


  7. HitScan Says:

    That's easy.

    Dan's Metadata

    What do I win? ;)

    ... And damn. I see that I've already been beaten to the punch. :( Well, I guess that makes 2 votes then, huzzah!

  8. gadgetophile Says:

    I always thought your wild looks made you look somewhat 'caveman', so how about:
    Chrome Magnon; or
    New Andertal?


  9. gadgetophile Says:

    Oh and SpamKarma is the best WordPress antispam plugin ever.

  10. balistic Says:

    of course, you'd have to change to a sans serif font for that to really work.

  11. orderandchaos Says:

    "Dans Data Blog" = "Data and Blogs" in Anagram-ese. Someone with more patience than me will no doubt find a better one.

    Many thanks for years of good reading :-)

  12. Administrator Says:

    My favourites from the suggestions made by the unfairly terminated first-posters, by the way:
    How to spot a psychopath

  13. Administrator Says:

    Of course! Anagrams!

    And every one a gem, too :-)!

  14. orderandchaos Says:

    Or maybe "rutter nonsense" ;-)

  15. Bjoreman Says:

    Some semi-random ideas:

    Yum Cha - other Data from Dan
    Guru Meditations
    While the Kitten Purrs

    Looking forward to future posts somewhat more than is healthy ...

  16. Stark Says:

    Ooo... just realized that you could combine some of my earlier suggestions...

    I now submit:

    How to spot a psychopathic mesophile!

  17. lummox Says:

    Screw my earlier suggestions, "How to spot a psychopath" is a great name for a blog! I definitely second that.

  18. sidspappy Says:

    Okay, as you'll see, I'm not so good at the naming, but here goes:

    "Words From a Clicky Keyboard..."
    "Who gives a Dan?"
    "Universal Dan, Renaissance Man."

    Uh, yeah. Um..."Of Fuel Scams, Capacitors, and Heavy PC Peripherals!" No, too long.

    Well, sorry couldn't be more helpful. I do enjoy everything you do, so thanks, and good luck!

  19. mookers Says:

    I like the anagram idea.

    I do remember once discovering that "Daniel Rutter" anagrams to "Unread Litter", which might be apt in an ironic kinda way.

    "Daniel Rutter's Blog" has many more possibilities of course. Personally, I like "Lurid Rotten Bagels".

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  20. Byrn Says:

    What about "Cybernetic Demon nazis" or "Radioactive Hippo Bites"?

    Of teh anagrams, I think "Drat, inert globules" is my favourite...

  21. Cods Says:

    Anagrams, schmanagrams - alliteration is much cooler!

    How about "Rutter's Ramblings"? Or, with 50% extra alliteration, "Rutter's Random Ramblings"!

    Perhaps "Dan's Doodling" isn't quite it for some reason(s), but there's always "Dan's Dithering Distractionator"... or maybe not.

    If none of those tickle your fancy, then I lend my support to Bachelor #2. Nice.

  22. RichVR Says:

    How about "Rembrandt Q. Einstein Presents"?

  23. iffracem Says:

    Dan Quibbled Thus

  24. martin-english Says:

    I generally give things names like fred or crap, asaplace holder, then end up too lazy to change it.
    Or even worse - in another sign of laziness - hardcode those names into other things, so I end with fred using/calling crap in turn calling fred1 (becaue fred is already taken...)

    So, the only advice I have to give you on naming things is don't ask me. Then again, I did manage to talk the missus out of naming our first born "travis".

    BUT... I have played a bit with wordpress, so give me an email if you need a hand.

  25. hazeaway Says:

    How about Dan's Nada? close enough to Dan's Data and like you said, for everything else thats not the letters column! :P (ok ok almost everything else)

  26. Tilendor Says:

    Names fall into different categories. Some are practical, such as Dan's Data. Others are clever, like Dans Serif. Some a spastic, like my brothers 'dadada'. Others try for popularity, MeeTooBay'R'Us-zon. The names I try to go for are meaningful. Suggesting a meaningful name is hard, because I don't know what the blog means to you, nor what you want to do with it. So I'll suggest some from all categories.
    Dan Down Under.
    Dan's Dan's Revolution.
    A Brief History of Mine.
    Hear Rutter Mutter.
    Rutter's Reading.

    Hope we get you something you like.

  27. Paulpounds Says:

    Given your well-loved rambling antics, how about "Technical Verbosity"?

  28. Notdan Says:

    Dan's Errata? :)

  29. gloonk Says:

    How about "the Dannolog Blog" or "Dannoblog" or Dan the Manalog" or variations thereof.

    Cograts on the new site Dan, been reading your old site for years. Kattomba is lovely but the south coast is better:)

  30. gloonk Says:

    err.... Katoomba is even nicer than Kattomba, but still not as nice as the south coast:)

  31. yellek Says:

    I find that Askimet spam blocker works pretty well for me.

  32. iamlsd Says:

    How about Rutterdan - sort of like Amsterdam in that one is a place for mutterings by Dan while the other is also a place for ahh other stuff...

  33. matt Says:

    Rutter's Ramblings

  34. JL Says:

    I'm a little pooped at the moment so I didn't check the previous suggestions. Pardon me if it's already been suggested.

    How about "Dan's Little Rut".

    Or "(R)Utterly Dan".

    "What I Do When The Kitten's Asleep".

  35. JL Says:

    I'm a little pooped at the moment so I didn't check the previous suggestions. Pardon me if it's already been suggested.

    How about "Dan's Little Rut".

    Or "(R)Utterly Dan".

    "What I Do When The Kitten's Asleep".

  36. magetoo Says:

    "Dan's Data" is pretty concise, I think it would be wrong to go with something overly clever.

    So I'm going to suggest something like "Rutter's Rants". (Or "Ravings", perhaps. "Rutter Nonsense" above is pretty clever too.)

    I note I'm not the first to go in that direction, but the others probably live in some weird timeshifted far-off hemisphere anyway, and so have an unfair advantage.

    Or it might be better to wait and see what direction it takes first.

  37. jaranath Says:

    "Delightful Geekery!"

    Other than that, I got nothin'.

  38. Ubertakter Says:

    How about "DanBlog", as in that "Dan" (read damn) Blog?
    The tagline might be something like "There be stuff here!" or maybe "There be DanStuff here!".

    I also really, really like a previous poster's idea of putting Yum Cha in the name, so maybe something like "Dan's Yum Cha" or maybe a tagline like "Yum cha for the masses."

  39. szlea Says:

    How about Everything Happens Twice - since it's your second blog (and I just got through reading a poem by the same name so it's on my mind).

    Other suggestions (I can't help it, I love, love, love, naming things):
    - An Index of Possibilities
    - World Citizen
    - Here We Go Again
    - Rutter Ramblings (in contrast to Dan's Data)

    Ok, I'll stop.

  40. Feersum Earthworm Says:

    How 'bout:

    Dan's todo lo dem

  41. Stark Says:

    Veni, Vidi, got bored and took a nap.

  42. NoRelationToNed Says:

    My first thought (which is usually the best) was
    "Dan's Blata" crossing the original with the Blog,
    Then there's "Dan's Yada Yada"
    - or there's some spooner-ish alternatives - e.g.:
    Butter Rullsh!t
    Blan's Dog
    Nutter Ronsense (hmmm suit's me better that one)

    ...and a tagline?
    how about "..leave your sanity at the door."

  43. max Says:

    ...Arrrright, 'nuff already, I screwed up, sorry, okay? Not only isn't there a preview, I can't edit my own posts if fail to remember a href tag properly...? Tsk-tsk... shame on me, anyway. So I'll just go now and curl up in a dark place somewhere, and copy-paste HTML syntax on a chalk blackboard a thousand times as punishment, until I get it right... Seeya...

  44. marius-the-mad Says:

    Ah, a lot of mighty fine suggestions here! (in my best Les Claypool voice)

    How about "Dan's Redundance: Here be monsters. ? :)

    It is, actually, a great name! And besides, it sounds absolutely... kinda like Cockatoos usually look, methinks. ;) And "Dan's Entropy" wouldn't sound that cool, too. :)

    Have a great time with your blog. I really love both of your sites. :) (It is another of those occasions when I tend to find myself staring at my trusty CRT at 5 AM. Right about now. :)

    Ah, well. 'Night to you all. :)

  45. marius-the-mad Says:

    P.S. Oh, and, um... As for the anagrams, "A Belletrist Ground" sounds fun. ;-)

  46. AdrianV Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Here are my suggestions:

    1) DanSanity (me! me! Pick Me!)

    2) TechnoCratii
    3) Tech-Fu [2nd Dan]
    4) LightThought
    5) UberDan (yes, I really think so)
    6) ClearThought

    Good Luck! And I still think you should run for president. Of the World.

  47. AdrianV Says:

    I really like the DanSanity, but how about a small change:

    - DanSanitii

  48. Abouna Says:

    Simple, The DanIversity. Or the DanIverse.

  49. Hendo Says:

    A bit late but: Dan's Parallel Serial?

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