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The "Very Important letter. You require to read"/"Significant letter. You need to read."/"Grand message. You should to read."/"Weighty letter..." spam-flow looks to be a stayer. It's moved on from TXHE (who have not, you'll be startled to learn, found a trillion barrels of oil under Louisiana) to MXXR, "Matrixx Resource Holdings".

The Stock Spam Effectiveness Monitor only looks at occasional examples from the cavalcade of pump-and-dumps, but there are several other places you can look if this area of human endeavour interests you.

Spamnation is another site that collects and talks about at least some of the non-stop torrent of penny stock spam; here's what they have to say about MXXR. Apparently the spamming's all a big surprise for some dude called Mike.

(It probably genuinely is a big surprise. Lame stock spam scams aren't usually run by people who have anything to do with the small-volume, low-value penny stocks involved. Oh, and you keep getting these things because they really can work. For the scammers, obviously, not for you.)

Stock scams are also but one of the entertainingly many tracked and discussed by Quatloos!.

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