Super-Fun-Pack Comix

The chap who's doing DM Of The Rings, which I've linked to a couple of times recently, is really pumping 'em out at the moment - one every day or so. The comics are just posts on his blog at the moment with no index, but the Next and Previous links will get you through.

Some other amusing art you may have overlooked:

Ursula Vernon's Metal and Magic (How can so many fantasy artists take themselves so seriously?)

Mike Reed's A Netizen's Guide to Flame Warriors (I am several of these people)

Jorge Rivas and Dave Trischuk's Under Power (which has been in placeholder-art mode for a while now, but which has lots of beautifully drawn ultra-violence waiting for those who read from the beginning)

Tim Kreider's The Pain - When Will It End? (probably not James Lileks' favourite place)

This post's title is, of course, a Tom the Dancing Bug reference.

Tom's one of the Salon comics; if you're not one of Salon's uncountable multitudes of subscribers, remember that the magic-cookie URL to persuade the Salon site that you've already sat through their ad-of-the-day has for some time now been this.

You can't just direct-link to the Salon comic image files any more, but the old ones are still live because Salon are not a bunch of link-breaking jackwads. Here's an index page for those old TTDBs, including several editions of the always-good Comix.

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