At least they're consistent

Today's "Significant message. You must to read" stock spam (sent to me, needless to say, from an XBL-listed IP address) was promoting Amerossi EC Inc, which it quoted at $2.05 with a five day target of $5.75.

As I write this, it's already at $1.65.

So now it must be on the cusp of a 3.5-times gain, not just the 2.8-bagger the spam promised! Wow!

Coincidentally, the other two stock spams I bothered to actually look at today are for "Tailor Aquaponics", current price 7 cents and target over the next "3-4 weeks" 26 cents (...or, in the same e-mail, "it will grow up to 70%", which would turn a seven cent price into only twelve cents, but who am I to question these brilliant and philanthropic investment counsellors), and for "Metropolis Technologies", currently 12 cents, target something-very-impressive on the strength of promised "HALLOWEEN DAY TRADE".

It would be churlish to point out that Tailor has actually already dropped to six cents and that Metropolis has fallen to ten, so I won't.

Besides, these insignificant drops are plainly just the calm before the storm. Everyone out there with an IQ of 50 and a stock trading account (apparently there are millions of you), get on the bandwagon now, before it's too late!!!1!

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    I believe your Metropolis link should be


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