And there was much rejoicing

While I wasn't looking, Leo Stoller went bankrupt.


In case you haven't been keeping tabs on the world's more obnoxious crazy people, Leo was the operator of a company called Rentamark, whose Web site is now dead. Stoller's companies' only reason for existence was to pretend they owned the trademark rights to large lists of dictionary words, despite the facts that (a) Leo conducted no business besides suing people for using his "Famous Marks", (b) the people he sued had often been using the name before Stoller had registered it, and (c) Leo sent out scattershot legal letters to anybody who ever used one of his precious words ever in any context, business or not, on the off-chance that they were dumb enough to give him some money just 'cos he sounded scary.

Leo never won a case and indeed could never win a case if he lived to be a million; worse lawsuits have been filed, but that doesn't say anything in Leo's favour.

But some major companies actually did settle with him rather than go to court. And that kept him going, for a while.

Read all about it in my letters column here, wherein is told the tale of a poor kid scared out of his wits by legal letters from this nut on the other side of the world.

Anyway, Leo's finally broke now. Not in jail, but broke. That's a start.

But have no fear - he's still got a blog!

[2009 UPDATE: That BlogSpot blog is now dead. Leo moved to, but that now appears to belong to someone who's pretending to be a lion. The wit and wisdom of Leo Stoller can now be found at This other blog serves, I think, as an interesting counterpoint to Leo's own writings.]

In it, Leo applies his towering intellect to many issues, like for instance the vital importance of voting Republican, for the sake of some people he thinks are called "General MaCarthur" and "Donald Rumsfelt" (awww, he must be all cut up about that, huh?), among other well-thought-out positions.

In many of his recent posts, Leo advertises his services as a very professional and important "trademark expert" with an, um, Hotmail address. But he screws up the mailto: link so there's a trailing slash on the end of "". That breaks the address.

It's visible right there on the page as well as in the mailto: itself, over and over, but Leo's eagle eyes ain't spotted it yet.

I doubt there are many people who are dumb enough to want to talk to Leo, yet smart enough to remove the trailing slash before sending their message.

6 Responses to “And there was much rejoicing”

  1. TrippyMCT Says:

    yes, damn that Harry Truman for allowing North Korea to develop "a A bomb" and for making our troops stay in "korean" for over 50 years

    vote republican to keep iraq from nuking America.

  2. asgromo Says:

    Even better than a typo, he appears to think Donald Rumsfeld was the Secretary of State. =/

  3. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Oh good lord, he does, doesn't he? That's... that's really some pretty good icing on the cake right there, isn't it?

    But never mind. Stoller's still got Attorney General Cheney, Vice-President Rice and County Dogcatcher George W Bush to keep him happy.

  4. g-lock Says:

    He may still be worried though. The Republicans recently lost the International House of Pancakes.

  5. Bearflea Says:

    Especially worrying for potential clients is his confusion of patents and trademarks.
    I bet his 'Expert testimony' is a welcome source of mirth in otherwise dull court proceedings.

  6. Chili Says:

    The Leo Stoller Truth Serum Blog is dedicated to providing full disclosure about Leo Stoller-- who was recently released from the Cook County jail after being taken into custody for psychiatric evaluation pending further judicial proceedings-- and who regularly refers to himself as the "Nation's Leading Trademark Expert" and a "Legal Ethics Expert."

    The Leo Stoller Truth Serum Blog encourages anyone interested in the subject to seek the facts regarding Leo Stoller, and encourages those interested in the subject not to rely on any representations made by Leo Stoller himself.

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