The tell-tale string

I hate to tell you this, but the international money transfer tax for legal entities (companies) versus individuals in $SCAMCOUNTRY is not, in fact, (a) what they say it is or (b) a path to rapid riches.

(My own copy of this scam came, today, from someone who mistakenly thought I was in the USA and might be interested in an Australian-flavoured version. The nonexistent company was alleged to be in the macadamia nut business.)

Sometimes these scammers do the mail merge wrong and insert their company name where the spurious country name's meant to go, which makes things especially entertaining.

This is another permutation of the situation in which one scam might work, but many near-identical attempts are more likely to fail.

Of course, the target market for these scammers is people who don't think to Google a sentence of what they've been sent. So what we could actually be seeing here is a sieve to filter out the people who wouldn't follow through with this foolishness anyway.

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  1. ratkins Says:


    You spend way, way, *way* too much time reading your spam. Get out a bit and take some more photos of cockatoos or something :-).

    Cheers, Robert.

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