Here we go again

Today's stock-spam, which may well be more from SpamThru, is all promoting Cana Petroleum (CNPM).

As usual, the spam comes from randomname@randomdomain, but the subject line for every single one of 'em is now "It's [name] :)".

Thus far, I have received these messages from "Alberto", "Bernadette", "Bradly", "Donnie", "Elbert", "Erich", "Erin", "Floyd", "Fred", "Freddie", "Isidro", "Kent", "Lesley", "Lester", "Marty", "Maryanne", "Natasha", "Patrica", "Rita", "Santos", "Tom" and "Wilmer". They're still coming in as I write this.

(I wonder what name list they're using?)

As I've mentioned before, scams like this only work if your marks receive only one message. If they get dozens of similar but different ones, they're likely to think it's just a little fishy.

I suspect this may be happening because SpamThru (or whatever other system is sending this) is unable to coordinate its behaviour enough to make sure that only one zombie sends a given message to a given address.

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