Investment advice

Don't spend nine thousand dollars on a Playstation 3.

Spend several hundred dollars on a 918, a 920, a 924, a 926 and, drum roll please, a 928. Boxed and hardly played with, apparently.

The Galaxy Explorer by itself is a $US200-plus item. Which, of course, is why (comparatively) sane people just build their own. Paint "LL 928" on a 4x1 blue brick with White-Out or something, if you must.

I was wondering if nobody would notice this lot, but no such luck. It got too rich for my blood a few days ago - place your bets on the winning bid!

(The same seller's got some less gold-mine-ish sets on sale as well. If you're an Australian who's always wanted one of those hideous-but-excellent-parts Robot Command Centres, now's the time.)

3 Responses to “Investment advice”

  1. David Says:

    Why spend $9000 when you could spend.. fourteen?

    EBay's history has a number of examples from 11/14 in the $4000 to $15000 range. There was even one for $44,000, though one wonders how many past 10K were legitimate bidders. Glorious conspicuous consumption, I yield to thee.

  2. corinoco Says:

    Wow... I actually had all of those, except the 928. At the time I thought my life was incomplete; eh, times change.

    Why on earth would these be still boxed and hardly played with? I imagine someone bought them and put them away thinking "25 years in the future there will be an online auction site I can sell these on and nearly double what I paid for them!" Not exactly blue-chip! More like blue-brick (HAH!).

    Speaking of which, in my Big Box of Jumbled Lego I still have all four of the rego bricks - 2 x LL918 and 2 x LL924. I wonder if they're worth anything? Those new Mindtorms NXT kits like nice...

  3. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Those bricks are rather more valuable than the average blue 1x4, but not as valuable as you might hope :-).

    (LL918 is cheaper, but LL924 is more expensive, for some reason.)

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