Very important pictures of spaceships

Here is a huge Lego spaceship which I just found myself looking at again because I'd filed its bookmark in the wrong folder.

On my wall, however, I have a four-up picture of sets 918, 487 and 497 from here, along with this, partly because it's more authentic to the Classic Space theme (kindly commence your choruses of "I had that one!"... now), but mainly because it's another nice render on a dark background, so it matches the other ones.

Thank you.

(P.S.: No mention of the Galaxy Explorer would be complete, of course, without pointing out its only predator.)

(Oh, and you can find a good primer on really big Lego models, next to which 10030 looks like a rowboat, in the fifth issue of BrickJournal.)

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  1. JL Says:

    Ah, that brings back some memories. Never made anything quite as big as the Asmodeus but did manage a two foot long replica of an Mi-24 and an 18 inch model of the dropship from the Sulaco. Didn't quite have enough pieces for an APC in the belly but did get fully folding weapon arms. I even painted it black and stuck on some decals from a model F/A-18 I had lying around.

    Can't wait till the kids are old enough for Lego, though they'll have to fight me for it. By the way, is it cheating if you use superglue? I've been planning something like the Maddox (but bigger) for a while but I'm not sure if Lego can handle it without a little help.

  2. Bedlam Says:

    No wonder my parents never had any money. was one of the defining toys of my childhood. Looking back at this, I must have had about half of those. It particularly irked me that the was so inelegantly attached to its launcher. It really buggered up one's space operas to have to carefully remove it every time.

    [I'd fix this comment properly if I knew what HTML was meant to be in there, but it all got squished into meaningless empty A tags, which I've removed to get rid of the pointless highlighting. I bet you were talking about 462, though :-) -Dan]

  3. nofloyd Says:

    The Lego city constructed by several clubs at the 2006 National Train Show in Philadelphia, USA was completely amazing, jaw dropping.

    Working drawbridges, lego trains with onboard cameras - astonishing.
    Some pics and discussion -

  4. brickfrenzy Says:

    I've been reading Dan's Data for over a year now, and I never knew you were a Lego fan. How about that!

    Glad you liked the Tribunal.

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