The World's Least Attractive Credit Cards

Well, debit cards, actually.

We bought a couple of air conditioners in the off-season, when you get a great big rebate.

Debit cards

The rebate came in the form of these two Visa debit cards.

That same dude is currently smiling out of the Australian Fujitsu General home page. I suppose he's meant to be a cheerful everyman type. I'm not entirely sure that I want him living in my wallet, though.

We immediately blew the money on bills, but still have the now-empty cards. I suppose we should chop 'em up or something, not that anyone can go on a spending spree with an empty debit card.

(For everybody who's currently trying to squint their way to accessing our fantabulous empty Fujitsu promotional accounts, I wrote a bit about how credit/debit card numbers, and other algorithmically twiddled ID codes, work here.)

10 Responses to “The World's Least Attractive Credit Cards”

  1. DeeMan Says:

    It's Mark (Tubby) Taylor! He's not just an Everyman type, "an idealistic personality who possesses charm, charisma, exceptional intelligence, sex appeal, and a multitude of talents", he's was a recipient of the greatest award Australia can bestow on a citizen - captain of the Australian Cricket Team!

  2. mooster Says:

    Yeah... I'm still gonna go with everyman.

    cricket. pfft!

  3. alastair Says:

    Good thing you didn't call your blog "How to Spot an Ex-Australian Cricket Captain".

    I got one of those cards too. I spent it on a replacement wedding ring for the one that I lost. Oops.

  4. Daniel Rutter Says:

    I don't drink beer, either.

  5. Noodles Says:

    I thought this was going to be a rant about how the "rebate" is sneakily encapsulated in a card that will get VISA money via merchant fees each time you use it somewhere, in addition to the inability to actually extract the full rebate value as cash! Aww, I'm disappointed ;) We got a few of these, too. I agree - they're very scary looking.

  6. Orpheus Says:

    You'll get deported if you're not careful, Dan. Although Mark Taylor does look suspiciously different these days...

  7. Daniel Rutter Says:

    This whole controversy is, of course, just a cunning plan on my part to get more high-value ads displayed on my site.

  8. rsynnott Says:

    At least they're still the normal shape. Banks here have decided that it would be a good idea to issue funny-shaped credit cards, presumably on the basis that once they've been doing it for a few years, all the machines that don't like them will have died due to being jammed with them. Example at; various other banks also do different shapes.

  9. Orpheus Says:

    I've got a funny shaped credit card (like the ones, but only one corner is rounded). It did come highly recommended, though.

  10. billionare Says:

    Instead of having Mark's face on their we should put our own on, with anz credit cards you can design your own credit card so you don't have to look at Mark's all day :)

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