Also useful for drying wet sneakers

Stuff I Did Years Ago But Am Only Blogging About Now:

Microwaved light bulb

I microwaved a light bulb.

I took pretty ordinary pictures of it at the time, but in this modern age, it's easy to find video of this trick...

...among others.

The milk is not actually specifically necessary, though it is a good idea to put a glass with some water in it in the oven along with anything weird you intend to nuke, so that the microwave can sink some energy in the water. A light bulb or CD or grape or whatever looks like nothing to a microwave oven, and it's not good for them to run them empty.

Bill Beaty's Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments remains the classic reference on this subject.

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  1. evilspoons Says:

    My electromagnetics prof did the light bulb trick in class one day. He put the bulb in a glass full of water so that the metal conductor portion of the bulb (the threads) were "shielded" (not exposed to air). You could basically run it as long as you felt like in this configuration, at least from what I gathered from him.

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