Further FZATing

I think the most mysterious phenomenon it's possible to create in a domestic microwave oven is the (deservedly famous) Glowing Humming Plasma Amoeba.

It's not hard to do. Put something smouldering, like a lit-and-blown-out toothpick, under a disposable glass or jar inside the microwave. Turn on.


(Plain old flames are meant to work, too, but I haven't had any luck.)

Borosilicate glass may survive the resultant sudden temperature increase; other glass probably won't.

It may have excellent comic timing, though.

[UPDATE: That video's not accessible via Google Video any more, and I can't find it on YouTube.]

(There are plenty more http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=microwave+plasma">where these came from.)

3 Responses to “Further FZATing”

  1. Ben Says:

    The (very) comic timing was probably due to the thermal shock from the rapid influx of cool air when one of the guys opened the microwave door.

    /me wanders off to microwave.

  2. Lawrence Says:


    It might be nicer to your international viewers to use YouTube for video's.

    Google Video has quite bad suck value in the world at large. We just get the this video is not available in your country bull...


    Lawrence (from Shanghai,China)

  3. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Uh... China, while large, is not "the world at large". Google Video is available pretty much everywhere else. I think its unavailability in China is not a Great Firewall issue, but instead one of those deals that people keep complaining to Google about.

    YouTube is, indeed, still available, for reasons known only to the very technically adept old men of the CPC.

    Who knows what they'll decide to block next, but I wouldn't bet on YouTube being available for very much longer.

    Chinese users can access Google Video in a somewhat roundabout way by using Tor.

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