And now, more lies

Thanks to a reader, I now know the solution to all of the world's energy problems!

Well, actually I don't, because I didn't watch the whole thing.

I watched a few minutes, though, because you have to wait that long before the talking head gets around to saying the name of the company. But then there it is - "Better World Technologies", your gateway to the long-running scams of Dennis Lee.

Even the people who believe these kinds of stories don't believe Dennis, since he's been promising real working free-energy machines to people who stump up money to reserve one for at least the last ten years. He has, of course, not delivered. But he's taken a lot more deposits.

Anybody's welcome, no matter how close they are to the breadline. Basic "sign up" fees are five to twenty bucks US - well within the reach of people poor enough that electricity bills are a problem for them.

It is, of course, usually easier to take money from the poor than from the rich. Poor people are less educated, less connected, more desperate, and what're they gonna do about it, anyway - hire a lawyer?

You just have to be the kind of guy who can stomach making a living that way.

(See also the end of this column.)

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  1. Argon Says:

    I would rather invest in the Retroencabulator

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