Aspiring scammer seeks similar

I just received this via e-mail:

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are a Spanish company and we would be interested in your Batterylife AG for its sale and distribution in Spain and Portugal.
In the first buy, we are interested in 500 or 1000 pcs.
Please, be contacted by me in
Thank you very much for your attention.
Alvaro Fernandez-Arroyo

It's kind of like when that Nigerian dude wanted to buy CPUs from me that I made up for a joke. Only the Batterylife Activator actually exists. It's just that it, you know, doesn't work, as a quite superficial reading of my review would reveal.

Alvaro is, alas, not only asking the wrong guy to sell him worthless battery enhancing stickers, but also kind of late to the party. The Batterylife Activator no longer appears to be on sale.

I'm also happy to say that Batterylife AG, in general, appear to 'ave run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible, even though that means all of those convincing university test results they promised to send me back in 2005 will now, I fear, never arrive.

Their German and Australian sites are both now toast. reckons the main site stopped responding to hails in April, 2006.

(The good folk at BatMax still appear to be selling their superficially identical product, though.)

This archived copy of the page not only links to my review - which might perhaps have something to do with why they went out of business - but also still allows you to download a video clip from the "Sunrise" show on Channel 7 here in Australia. In it, you can witness the magnificence that is Peter Blasina, The Man Who Recommends Everything And Is, As A Result, Much Better Off Than Me, Or Indeed Than He Himself Was Back When I Knew Him And He Was Running A Video Camera Magazine With Some Sort Of Journalistic Integrity.

Peter is, of course, heartily recommending the Batterylife stickers, on behalf of and another outfit that's now gone.

I hope their cheque cleared before they went broke, Pete!

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  1. BigTrev Says:

    Hehe, what a ripper.

    I had an interesting email exchange with The Man Who Recommends Everything after enduring the advertorial on Sunrise where he espoused the many advantages of the Magic Sticker. (the exchange basically amounted to my unsubstantiated, but IMHO well-founded, assertions that he was paid to plug this snake-oil, with TMWRE deying it)

    Yeah, I hope his cheque cleared...

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