Essential viewing update

The cool kids appear to have moved on from the separate season torrents for The Secret Life Of Machines/The Office (previously), and are now sharing an all-in-one torrent. You can get it, for instance, here. If that one's dead now, hit ScrapeTorrent or something to find it.

The all-in-one torrent contains the exact same video files, so there's nothing new to see here if you've got these ordinary-but-watchable rips already. If you're at 86% on one of the other series and are wondering what happened to all the seeds, though, here's your answer.

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  1. bruzie Says:

    I like finding entire collection torrents - they usually have a lot of seeders and if you're using a decent client you can select which files you want and which ones to ignore if you've already got them.

    Of course if you already have some of the files in the torrent (and they are exact) you could rename your files and contribute to the swarm as you are leeching down that last pilot episode of Mythbusters or whatever.

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Yes - I've now moved my Secret Life files to new upload directories at least three times :-).

    I note that the number of downloaders for that torrent has now doubled. Outstanding.

  3. Moetop Says:

    I have been catching "how it's made" which is exactly what it says. For some unknown reason, it's terribly addictive. You get 3 types of things being made per episode, so there is not a lot of time, but it is a very visual show. You rarely see people unless they are directly involved with the making of the item. The science channel page has a few of the videos.

    Those are OK, but I have seen better from the show.

  4. Daniel Rutter Says:

    I find "How It's Made" very soothing. Despite the dreadful segment intros.

    I think, given the number of times the voice-over explains what "A Worker" is doing, that all of the Workers should be given a special How It's Made shirt with "A Worker" printed on it, so they can wear it while waving at the camera.

  5. Moetop Says:

    This must be the begenning of Skynet , or better yet the Tyrell Corporation Just a cog in the machine.

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