More Firepower fun

More fancy footwork from the good folk of Firepower (previously).

Oh, and Firepower's chief executive apparently had something to do, at least peripherally, with the AWB's delectable handing over of $AU290 million in humanitarian funds to Saddam Hussein, to use for his own no doubt very philanthropic purposes. Lots of other people paid these kickbacks as well, in order to get their slice of the pre-Gulf-War-2 Iraq pie. But thanks to AWB Limited, we Aussies were the single biggest contributor.

This has, therefore, been something of a scandal down here in Oz-land, despite the government's insistence that it didn't happen and was no big deal anyway and had nothing to do with them and they didn't know about it and even though they did know about it there was nothing they could do.

(Back in June last year, by the way, the Sydney Morning Herald were suckered by Firepower's tall tales about death threats from oil interests over Firepower's amazing, and amazingly untested, fuel saving products. So they're probably a bit annoyed now.)

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  1. creekin Says:

    I heard "Mr Firepower" interviewed yesterday on 2GB, i was laughing so much i almost crashed my car!! i had to call in and tell them to go read . Hope your server was ok. :)

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