3D gamers fascinated by rubber roofing materials: Film at 11.

Regular readers will know that I'm not a big fan of "contextual" link advertising companies. You know - the ones that insert non-standard-looking links into the text of any Web page that'll have them. The links are meant to be to products relevant to whatever the linked word or phrase says but, actually, would only be deemed relevant by someone suffering from a severe aphasic disorder.

(I'm fine with the site owners who decide to run such ads, by the way. You gotta pay the rent, and it's not as if these ads are delivered by malware or something.)

While reading this review of a new game, I noticed some of the tell-tale funny-coloured links, which it turns out are from the contextual ad company Tribal Fusion, which I mentioned in passing here.

Tribal Fusion "strive to maintain pure, relevant content in each of our channels, and accept only a small percentage of publishers who seek representation", and they connect advertisers to their "key audience", on "Hand-picked, Relevant Sites".

Which apparently results in this.

Masterful relevance!

Thank goodness they're so selective. It'd be terrible if they let just anybody in.

(And yes, I'm also aware of the shortcomings of the ad text itself.)

2 Responses to “3D gamers fascinated by rubber roofing materials: Film at 11.”

  1. ex-parrot Says:

    It's a little non-standard, but couldn't it just be "Roof repair is made easy with..." ?

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    You're right, it could be. The Santana one's Still all Screwed up Though -.

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