No chain mail bikinis, either

Janez Jevnikar, possibly the world's fastest producer of panel van art:

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Actually, that's unfair. Jevnikar's stuff, much more of which you can see on his site, is not nearly that hideous. There's not a Chick Riding A Reptile to be seen (see also).

He does seem to have a thing for pyramids, ringed planets, force fields and craggy mountains, though. Fair enough; so do the cover artists for the books which I, like Gabe, favour.

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  1. corinoco Says:

    There used to be a guy who did this on balmy evenings at Manly Corso. He used the now-hard-to-purchase spray cans, bits of torn newspaper and paper plates to produce some very Chris Foss-esque works in a matter of minutes.

  2. evilspoons Says:

    Well, I think it's ugly, but he sure puts on a great show (especially with the fire at the end). That combined with the fact that he can produce anything vaguely resembling "art" in that little time still deserves some credit.

  3. cheshirenoir Says:

    Hope you aren't dissing Ursula Vernon.

    She does great stuff you know.

  4. trouserlord Says:

    It's sad that panel van art seems to have largely disappeared. When was the last time you saw a Sandman covered in a mural of recognised artistic merit yet questionable taste? Some were a little more restrained.

    Holden did attempt a resurrection, but it never caught on.

  5. trouserlord Says:

    Ergh, sorry. HTML accident.

  6. trouserlord Says:

    Oh, thanks for fixing it.

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