On Skimming

So Penny Arcade has been screwed up for, oh, hours now, with no comic to go with the most recent news. No doubt it'll be fixed soon, but I just wasted a couple of minutes seeing whether I'd ad-blocked the comic image or something.

I did that because the excellent Pennypacker Firefox extension, which allows collaborative tagging of PA strips to replace the descriptive alt tags they all lost when PA "upgraded" its site, was showing me a bunch of tags under the invisible comic.

I automatically assumed those tags had been entered by people who, unlike me, were able to see the comic.

Pennypacker tags

I guess I should have read them, huh.

4 Responses to “On Skimming”

  1. Noodles Says:

    I noticed this too, but if you go directly to the URL for the image it works, strangely enough! Right click on the alt text and select View Image.

  2. kamikrae-z Says:

    The funny thing is that the previous comic took you to the news for the comic before that one (clicking next on the news page takes you to the right entry). There's definitely something screwy going on with the linking, and the content and the flavingoiven.

  3. RichVR Says:

    Next time do what I do when they're futzed up. Go to the forums and find the "social entropy" chat forum. The latest comic usually has a thread there. Then spend some time reading a few of the "interesting" forum posts. Man, I thought the WoW formus were a cage of rabid wolverines.

  4. evilspoons Says:

    I had the same problem yesterday, but right-clicking and going 'view image' brought up the text OF the image's url in Firefox (i.e. it actually *said* http://www.penny-arcade.com/images/2007/20070129.jpg). Thankfully, it works now.

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