The train wreck continues

Astoundingly, "Firepower, the Perth-based fuel technology company, has ... admitted it is unable to produce some of the promised independent tests that showed its supposedly miracle products extend fuel efficiency."

(I'll venture the bold prediction that they won't produce any of the other promised tests, either.)

Oh, and the headline of the article is "Firepower link to dead dictator and former spy", which is pretty neat in itself.

(My first Firepower post is here.)

3 Responses to “The train wreck continues”

  1. Clayton Lee Says:

    Surely the winning quote from that article is from Firepower themselves:

    "Rather than commission tests by independent testing laboratories, Firepower offers what it regards as a more relevant trial," Firepower said in a statement.

    "Customers test the product on their own equipment … If the results impress, the customer enters a contract to buy."

  2. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Oh, sure, but Crikey are a dishgrace. A dishWUPS- get yer hands off me yer bastard...

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