Further advances in quackery

Apparently "NeuView Glasses", a pair of sunglasses with little side-blinkers that can be selectively raised out of your field of view, are able to "initiate a profound and positive neurological event". They thereby cause a number of fuzzily described but wonderful things to happen. Just having a light shone at you from the appropriate side of your head will not work. Don't ask why not.

This is all based on the extremely sciencey Thought Field Therapy, with lashings of left-brain/right-brain pseudoscience.

The vendors of these marvellous devices (only $US67.50 plus shipping!) respectfully request that you not raise the subject of Peril Sensitive Sunglasses, no matter how much their product reminds you of them.

(Oh, and the target market for these things is alleged to be "everyone". Hey, blind people! You're nobody!)

Coincidentally, I just bought myself a (cheap) pair of pinhole glasses on eBay. Not because I think they're actually good for anything in particular ("Pinhole glasses - they're better than squinting!" is as much of a sales pitch as you can come up with for them without lying), but because they're a neat optical curiosity to add to my collection, along with the prism glasses (similar to these ones) and the IR goggles.

(I haven't quite made it to pseudoscope territory yet.)

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