The crap I have to deal with

I just received the following:

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 11:32:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rick Head
Subject: Big Money for your Endorsement

I want my site for my electric supercharger reviewed on your site, specifically for the "volt and amps reveiwed" section of
* If you can put a two line statement that approves of my product and has my link, I would be happy to throw $500 dollars your way. Let me know if this is a possibility, my site is and my e-mail is

I wonder if his name's actually Richard Head. The domain's registered to a "Jesse Bushong".

Never mind - Dick Head is a great name for him. There's your link, Dick! For free! Enjoy!

As I explain on the page where Dick for some reason wants an ad (but which he clearly didn't read - he didn't even get the title of the letter right), devices like his are a big old waste of money.

They may - may - add a few per cent to your car's power, over at least some of the rev range (less and less as the engine turns faster and faster). But the very fact that you can just bolt these things on and drive away without messing with your engine management system indicates that nothing much is happening. If you add any real forced induction system to a modern car, it'll freak out the engine electronics.

Dick is, to be fair, only charging $US99.95 plus shipping for his fan, versus the $US300 or so that you can easily pay for what appears to be much the same thing from bolder dealers. But hey, who knows; it's not as if Dick even provides any specifications for the device in question. There could be a computer fan in there for all I know.

It doesn't really matter either way. Pretty much anything that runs directly from 12 volts isn't going to be powerful enough to noticeably boost any current automotive engine. You just can't suck enough amps out of a normal car's electrical system - for a proper electric supercharger you need 24V or higher power (to keep the current down), from separate batteries.

(The scam-warning page I link to above, by the way, is from these people, whose $10 electro-charger plans sound quite plausible. You can tell, because there's work involved.)

Oh, and Dick also offers you the amazing chance to "receive another 20HP" by buying a new ECU chip to go with your similarly useless electric blower! What a deal!

And so, here's my endorsement:

Shoreline Technologies' electric supercharger is not "the only quality Supercharger on the net". It is one among many, and all of the simple bolt-on versions are pretty much a scam.

Shoreline seem to know this, and so seek to promote their products not by proving that they actually work, but by bribing people to endorse them.

(Oh, and by using forum spam. Classy!)

Shoreline's attempt to pay me off suggests to me that they are either unable to read, or simply under the impression that everybody is as dishonest as they are.

Do not buy their products.

(I am, of course, still perfectly happy to receive donations from Dick, or anyone else. I encourage anybody who's impressed by my honesty to shower me with riches forthwith.)

10 Responses to “The crap I have to deal with”

  1. stevetecza Says:

    " Why would anyone spend the time and thousands of dollars on a traditional supercharger when your product does the same thing?

    Chris Ingler
    Walnut Creek, CA"

    LOL DUH!!!

  2. JL Says:

    Is it just my imagination or should that graph have a 'before' version to compare it to?

    Thanks for the link to GA Projects. I've got a carburetted Lancer and that might be a fun project to try out. It's only around 80bhp so I'm sure I'll notice some difference.

  3. Nogami Says:

    By following the link above to the autospeed site, then to the manufacturer of THAT product, I found another amusing device to check out:

    The typhoon, another "car engines work better when the air coming from the intake is 'spinning' while entering the engine" system.

    I especially like where they show someone cutting some of the fins off with side cutters because it doesn't fit in the hose otherwise...

  4. Nogami Says:

    Sorry, bad link there (bad HTML coding by the looks of it), just go to the main site:

    and click on the link to the english page.

  5. Popup Says:

    The crap I have to deal with

    Next time you wander what kind of crap you're dealing with, let me recommend the helpful Bristol scale. I think this qualifies as type I: 'Separate lumps - like nuts'.

  6. Bearflea Says:

    Popup: Nah, I reckon it's more like "Soft Blobs (...)"
    Sounds like Dick!

  7. jeff Says:

    Hey I actually am a customer of that company, and they do deliver a decent product. They ship fast, and the product does work. Don't turn away the free money on this one.

  8. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Thanks just tremendously for that completely unbiased and genuine feedback, "Jeff"!

    Or are you "Harvey"? You just registered a commenter account under that name, too.

    Go ahead and switch it up by using that other one when you go on to explain why, in the opinion of both of your personalities, I should whore myself to liars. I love a good sock puppet.

  9. Daniel Rutter Says:

    No, wait, I take it back - when "Jeff" created the first account, he got his own e-mail address wrong. So he had to make another one.


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