Great moments in Search Engine Optimisation

I am indebted to commenter Bruce for the information that I am currently Google's number one hit in a search for "rough tongue bald pussy". Which search you can perform, if you are not at work or if you work somewhere rather mellow, by clicking here. I await with enthusiasm the inevitable torrent of funny-smelling AdWords cash.

If you turn SafeSearch on, though, the results become much more disgusting, since they're now mostly about bald spots on people's tongues.

Cat pile

There. That ought to clear your palate again.

4 Responses to “Great moments in Search Engine Optimisation”

  1. matt Says:

    Go Dan,

    Another billion such posts, and our kids will at last be "safe" (1) (2) from Internet porn.

    1) - Not that I ever needed saving from porn as a teenager.

    2) - Not that even the most evil of Microsoft's DRM schemes is enough to stop the power of teenage hormones from finding porn.

  2. Lord Booga Says:

    Out of curiosity, what happened to your other cat, Tom?

  3. Garett Smith Says:

    Is that a papa-san chair Dan?

  4. Daniel Rutter Says:

    Tom is still about - he'll be 16 this year. He lives with my mum, and is considerably slimmer these days.

    (He has arthritis and diabetes now, but since he's never been one for moving much, and doesn't seem to notice injections at all, it's no big deal for him.)

    And yes, the Cat Throne is a papasan chair.

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