If you download only one 157Mb AVI file today...

...make it Code Guardian, from Cee-Gee (who're Italian, hence odd voice acting). Their download server is currently a melted lump, but there are mirrors.

Someone on the Metafilter thread about this video wondered where the British robot was.

Personally, I want to see the Soviet one, stonewalling the Wehrmacht at Stalingrad, long since out of ammo for all eight guns and just pounding on Panthers with a length of I-beam.

2010 UPDATE: In the time since this post first went up, the Cee-Gee site has fallen into a state of disrepair, and no longer has the clips available for download. You can, as of January 2010, still find the high-res version of Code Guardian here on ausgamers.com.

7 Responses to “If you download only one 157Mb AVI file today...”

  1. will.dutt Says:

    seet video thanks for the find :) i'll put it as number 3 of my 157mb downloads ;)

  2. RichVR Says:

    Outstanding. So when are they releasing the game? ;)

  3. Lord Booga Says:

    The recently heard phrase that comes to mind is 'Pure undistilled awesome'

  4. Erik T Says:

    It would be better if they were giant-ass tanks. It's just a little too silly.

    Technically very impressive though.

  5. loseweightslow Says:

    Great fun.
    But I cant help but think that a single 8" 100kg shell from just about any boat in the harbour would stop it. A 15" 1000kg round from a battle ship of the time would also be fun to watch explode against it.

  6. Dave@ Says:

    Got to love The Ark of the Covenant at 7:10 or so.

  7. magetoo Says:

    Even using the ausgamers mirror, it would have taken an hour to download. Google Video to the rescue. (82 MB, probably some quality reduction, but it's near-instant gratification)

    There's probably a fast mirror closer too, or torrents, but I'm just too lazy.

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