Ads! Don't you love them?

I'm sure you'll all be very happy to learn that I just changed the top ads on the main and article list pages of Dan's Data, removing the top-of-page Burst banner and replacing it with a Robert Sherman one, on account of how I quite like money and the Robert Sherman network may give me more of it than Burst does.

There's also separate code for a Robert Sherman popunder - the old Burst banner code could spawn extra windows all by itself.

(As you may have noticed.)

I've been running Robert Sherman banners on this site for a while, now, but not popups.

If you're one of the readers who, as I've previously recommended, blocks my annoying ads, then there's nothing to see here; move along.

If you see the Robert Sherman ads, though, please comment below if you encounter anything particularly offensive. I've previously noticed one Robert Sherman ad from a purveyor of crappy Windows enhancing software which illicitly bundled an offensive popup into their banner whether or not you actually used the popup code (Astonishing! Crap-software vendors are usually so POLITE!). So it won't surprise me much if there turn out to be some other spiders in the Robert Sherman woodpile.

If horrible things show up and Robert Sherman doesn't squash them quickly, then I'll go back to Burst. Ad money is important to me, but not so important that I'm willing to turn my site into a complete freak show.

You may consider those CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE THE 999,999,999TH VISITOR OMGWTFBBQ ads to be the location of my personal avarice-versus-tawdriness line in the sand. If you see stuff that's worse than that, definitely including anything that says Your Computer Is Full Of Viruses Click OK On This Fake Requester To Install Some Crap Or Other, please tell me.

(Update: I gave Robert Sherman a month, then went back to Burst. Robert Sherman ran a few obnoxious ads like fake error messages, and a few other ads that were just plain broken. That wouldn't have been such a big deal, except that Robert Sherman also don't yet have an online control console that lets publishers vet ads and select which ones they don't want to run.)

3 Responses to “Ads! Don't you love them?”

  1. Dan Todd Says:

    I was surprised that Victoria's Secret adverts appear here.

    I mentioned that VS have a sale on to my wife. I thought I was being helpful and sensitive. It only started a Difficult Conversation.

  2. Matt W Says:

    Main page banner is the usual mobile phone company campaign du jour. the sidebar was for the sub-prime credit card offer.
    The articles page returned an apparent link to a 'news' story on Britney Spears' return to showbiz. Not terribly targeted then. Wait...scantily clad women ? Forget I said that.

  3. Iceman Says:

    *smack* Blink tag makes baby jesus cry!

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