Perfectly typical Wikipedia editor located!

Mark Allyn.

I'm pleased to see see this degree of cheerfulness in a self-promoting Wiki-weirdo.

(I have edited a grand total of two links to my site into Wikipedia, in case you were wondering.)

It certainly beats (and I use the word advisedly) those dudes who devote most of their waking hours to finding Wikipedia articles in which a picture of their penis can defensibly be deployed.

As I write this, Monsieur Allyn has frickin' colonised the raincoat article.

8 Responses to “Perfectly typical Wikipedia editor located!”

  1. ex-parrot Says:

    Here's my "that's-quite-cool-I-bet-there's-a-good-place-for-that-on-Wikipedia" picture:

    Hmmm? :)

  2. evilspoons Says:

    I think this is the most on-topic post yet for "How To Spot A Psychopath".

  3. Roca Says:

    Hey, neat, he works down the hall from me!

  4. kamikrae-z Says:

    He's also on this page, although I'm not 100% sure he added it himself, although the name Cleara is definitely appropriate.

  5. Anthony Hersey Says:

    He bears more than a passing resemblance to Benjamin Franklin.

  6. James Kew Says:

    Aw; he got busted:

    The photo of User:Allyn modelling his raincoat is in breach of Wikipedia:Conflict_of_interest#Self-promotion. He designs and sells the garments though a personal website, linked to from his userpage.

    Shame. That raincoat picture is awesome.

  7. Jax184 Says:

    As much as I hate to dredge up forgotten subjects, oh wait, I don't...
    He's at it again!

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