Escher's office, 1935

Escher panorama

Apropos my stitching up of Will Self's office, here is M.C. Escher's Hand With Reflecting Sphere, unwrapped into a Quicktime VR panorama.

(I originally wrote the artist's name as "MC Escher", then realised that looked as if he should have been performing with the Furious Five or something. "I'm MC Escher and I'm here to say, the stairs go up and down today! Get up! Get down! Get up! Get down!...")

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  1. magetoo Says:

    Yes, good old Maurits Cornelis. (Someone else thought about "MC" too.)

    I think you might enjoy watching this lecture (around 1 hour) over at Princeton, titled "Escher and the Droste effect".

    It's about Escher's "Print Gallery", and doing something similar for that. And it's absolutely amazing stuff. (At least for those of us nerds who can fondly remember perspective drawing in art class as the only thing we were ever any good at...)

    Annelies Smit's caleidocycli might be interesting too. (Apologies if you already posted that one.)

    In fact, why don't you make it a whole new Escher-related blog post. That lecture deserves more exposure than being hidden in some comment thread, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is going to come up with interesting things to post.

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