Blog payola update!

A reader, on seeing my post from the other day about the wretched hive of scum and villainy (and blatant payola) that is PayPerPost, wrote to observe that Text Link Ads appear, from his experience, to be eager to move in on the same area. Only more so.

Text Link Ads' usual stock in trade is straightforward, non-annoying ads of the type described in their name. But my correspondent, let's call him Harry, says they contacted him to try something a little bolder.

This new scheme apparently pays per undisclosed sponsored link. Include a link from a blog post to whatever dodgy dealer likes the idea of buying these kinds of ads, absolutely do not reveal to anybody in any way that you're getting paid for it... and get paid for it. Genius!

Harry says he's now seeing... unusual... links popping up on a number of blogs that also run Text Link Ads. When a blog that's usually about WordPress plugins and such (plus, tellingly, tips on how to make money with your blog...) suddenly runs a post about this k00l new site y0 that totally letz you watch Spider-Man 3 for free d00d, I believe it is not excessively cynical to suspect that something is up.

(I note that the above-linked blog runs, as well as Text Link Ads, those god-awful Kontera ads. As I write this Kontera are upholding their golden reputation for ad relevance by linking the word "movie" from the fishy Spider-Man post to an ad that says "Find Leading Lease Resources for rent movie online Here." Excelsior!)

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