Now I want chips, dammit

I presume that almost all of you dorks will, without my prompting, read the latest PA and its newspost.

For the benefit of the three of you who would not otherwise have done so (and who would therefore have missed out on the word "shitwizards", which I feel obliged to state at this juncture is not only an obviously marvellous name for a rock band but will, I suspect, now become at the very least a nerd sub-meme, you see if I'm wrong), I was startled to see Tycho's Doritos ad concepts.

I found them startling because they were advertisements which did not fill me with the urge to punch the face of the person responsible.

OK, the third one has a certain distasteful Nike-ish swagger, and the second one sounds too much like the work of Ray Smuckles to be considered on its own merits.

But the first one?

I'd seriously consider buying that chip.

Yes, I've been drinking.


You got a problem? You wanna fight about it?

OK, you guys go and fight about it, then. I'll stay here and maybe watch a Supreme Commander replay.

4 Responses to “Now I want chips, dammit”

  1. Stark Says:

    Dang it, I've not been drinking and I still think I'd buy that chip.

    I feel the need for an experiment... I'll get drunk this evening, shitwizard drunk, and then view the ad and see if I still think I'd buy that chip. I have the feeling the proof of efficacy of said ad will be measured by whether or not I come to in a large pile of bags of Dorito's or not.

  2. moetop Says:

    I dont know why because I find what you say funny, and also just about everything else you find funny, funny, but I just cant get into PA. Maybe I'm a geek instead of a dork ?

  3. RichVR Says:

    My problem with PA is that "Tycho" went from writing reasonably humorous copy to considering himself a Brilliant Writer. He isn't.

  4. Microfrost Says:

    I'm with moetop. I have nothing against other nerd-friendly web comics, but PA just doesn't do it for me.

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