Spamwords: The Saga Continues

In celebration of the first new Spamusement for ages (if you don't count the tons of fan-made strips in the forum), I present another Word Only Found In Spam These Days, On Account Of How Gangsters Outside David Mamet Movies Don't Use It Any More:


A Usenet search does not turn up the string "doxy" as 100% indicative of spam, but that's only because the word is short for doxycycline. I still think "doxy" counts, though, because if most people get e-mail mentioning an antibiotic then it's probably spam anyway.

The subject line of the porno spam I got this morning was, somewhat disappointingly, "second-best whhi Ladys mtfi sucking icw dick!"

Honestly. The very idea. If I'm going to download Ladys mtfi sucking icw dick, I will not settle for anything less than the best Ladys.

The content, before the URL (for a now-broken site) and a further line of pure gibberish, was "fascinating lxnt Doxy bxa ass bmnd banged by rkkw Man!"

I note that the super-heavy obfuscation in these sorts of spams is now leaving the actual "content" words alone, and just inserting random characters between them. This is a great disappointment for those of us who appreciated the random-second-character blank verse of such deathless classics as "Clhica sjucking her first ANEIMALS pgenis" and "Bvabe In Cfute Lkingerie Skuck BHLACK & Fyacial".

In the face of this terrible change and decay, so cruelly forced by the continuing spam-versus-filters arms race, it's good to see that some hardy perennials survive unchanged, like crocodiles.

Yes, that's right: "She wants a better sex? All you need's here!" and "We cure any desease!" are still going strong.

God alone knows why, of course. These spam subjects have remained unchanged for almost two years now (according to Google Groups, anyway - I can't remember how long I've been seeing them for, though it feels like forever), so they're probably the two most-filtered strings after "Make Money Fast". But their senders keep on trucking with those distinctive slightly-wrong subject lines, bless 'em.

I presume it's some sort of dada art project.

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