The sad saga continues

The slow death of the Firepower fuel-enhancing-pill company continues, chronicled as usual by Gerard Ryle of the Sydney Morning Herald.

The latest instalment of this somewhat predictable story tells us that Firepower's pills - which, they of course now say they've changed, again - contain naphthalene, as seen in some other bogus fuel pills, and the previously mentioned ferrocene. Neither of these ingredients does anything remotely approaching what Firepower claim, as you'd expect. And yet it seems that Firepower really do have quite a lot of money.

It takes so long to unravel these claims, and so little time for the people who come up with them to switch to a new scam. Serial scam artists can be positively famous, and still end up hanging out with leaders of nations.

Until the average investor learns more about critical thinking, none of this ever going to change.

2 Responses to “The sad saga continues”

  1. GeeJay Says:

    What you may not have realised if you only saw the Internet issue of this story is that it made the front page....unless you drink in the more salubrious establishments that can afford semi respected broadsheet newsapapers like I do....

  2. Ice8205 Says:

    But, if the average investor/reader/person learns more about critical thinking, you would have to get a real job....

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