Henge it yourself

I'd heard about the indomitable Wally Wallington before, but this clip...

...particularly caught my attention today, because only yesterday I took delivery of my copy of Moving Heavy Things.

Moving Heavy Things is a slim, short, wide volume that looks like a childrens' picture book. Although right sort of child would find it fascinating, it's actually a practical guide for adults who find themselves having to move whitegoods up stairs (or down them, which it turns out is often actually worse...), a boat up a beach, a barrel off a truck, or a piano just about anywhere.

With preparation, care, and imagination, Wally's living proof of the fact that it can be quite easy to perform feats that look, at first, as if they'd require assistance from aliens, a pissed-off Bruce Banner, or thousands of slaves.

Moving Heavy Things also has excellent illustrations. I highly recommend it.

(I have the feeling that Wally might make a good drinking buddy for Zawi Hawass, who's nominally the Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, but whose day job actually seems to involve nothing but swatting pyramidiots on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.)

3 Responses to “Henge it yourself”

  1. RichVR Says:

    Fascinating. So do you figure that this is how Edward Leedskalnin built the Coral Castle?


  2. Steven Den Beste Says:

    The conceptual mistake a lot of people make is to confuse "primitive" with "stupid". Our ancestors had much more primitive technology than we did, but they were just as smart as we are, and often did extremely clever things using the tools and techniques available to them.

  3. gadgetmiser Says:

    But how did they get the rocks to sit on top of two columns?

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